These are some of the fully managed services that ArcanaVision provides.
If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

Website Hosting

  • Simple HTML websites to provide your business with a low cost Internet presence and your customers with an easy way of finding and contacting you.
  • Customer focused, information driven web applications and web services for your business. Web applications reduce your business costs by letting your clients place new business directly while empowering them with the ability to source information they need without contacting your staff. As these applications are Internet based and fully managed by us, there is no need for costly in house expertise and your business costs are fixed.
  • Business to Business (B2B) applications providing data exchange and e-procurement without the need for human interaction.

Website Marketing Strategies

  • Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) We can improve your website ranking in the major search engines. Using techniques gained over many years we can make your website easier and quicker to find by new users or potential new clients searching for your services.
  • Search Engine and Directory submission to all the major search engines and directories. We understand not everyone uses Google.
  • Link Popularity promotion.
  • Optional web site advertising with search engines and other marketing sources depending on your target audience.

Email Hosting

  • Email services providing mailboxes for the collection and temporary storage of emails sent to you. Emails are downloaded by your client software (eg Outlook, Thunderbird) for viewing. This is one of the most cost effective solutions. Once downloaded, emails are removed from the server.
  • Mailboxes where emails remain stored on the server once viewed. Emails can viewed using multiple devices from multiple locations (eg home PC, office desktop, mobile phones) using client software. All mailboxes of this type are regularly backed up for peace of mind.

Blogging Services

  • Blog pages allow you to simply and easily add rich content to your website, therefore encouraging more traffic and new users to you.

Domain Management

  • We can take care of all your domain name purchasing and renewal. If required, we can even help suggest domains that are optimsed for search engines.
  • Domain Name System (DNS) hosting and administration. DNS is the phone directory of the Internet. If DNS fails for your domain or your domain is not renewed, your website, email and every other service provided via your domain will also fail. Therefore good domain management is critical to providing a premium service for your domain’s website and email. We strongly recommend that ArcanaVision fully manages your domain to empower us with the means of providing you with the quality of support you deserve.
  • Know your domain ownership rights. ICANN, the organisation which controls the registration of all domain names, provides this useful document on Registrant Rights and Responsibilities. Where a registrant is the current owner of a domain. All domain ownerships need be renewed after an agreed period of time (similar to a property lease). If a domain is not renewed you may lose the right to own that domain.

Database Services

  • Database hosting for a wide variety of database software vendors.
  • High quality database design is critical for fast applications that need to be scalable. At ArcanaVision we have years of experience in creating efficient databases and managing rapid data growth.
  • Database management of software, from backups to data organisation and optimisation. To maintain a responsive information driven application, its databases need to be constantly monitored and optimised, without this monitoring, pages will slow as a website’s popularity grows.

Internet File Storage

  • Remote cloud based file storage for public downloads or private remote backups.

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