Change Points

Change Points moves the hosting and management of their website to ArcanaVision. Change Points provides executive coaching for senior management, specializing with women in senior business leadership roles.



SPACE_RAY transfers the hosting of their websites to ArcanaVision. SPACE_RAY manufactures high efficiency infra-red radiant heating solutions (also known as direct gas fired radiant heating) for a variety of uses from agricultural to industrial. Their efficient infra-red radiant heaters provide flexible heating that can be especially designed for a particular building.


Suzannes Blooms

Suzannes Blooms transfers their hosting to ArcanaVision. Suzannes Blooms creates beautiful flower arrangements sourcing materials from Herefordshires picturesque gardens. Suzannes Blooms can fashion fantastic seasonal flower arrangements such as wreaths, easter bouquets, mothers day blooms.


Metcraft Tanks

Metcraft Tanks transfers their hosting to ArcanaVision. A copy of their old website is currently still being used while their new website is developed by AV and they compose new content and images. Metcraft specialize in the fabrication of virtually any type of tank, chamber or hooper, simple or sophisticated. Metcraft proudly produced the pontoon chambers used in the Docklands Bridge (London) and extensively export products throughout the world.


Sarah Pritchard Jewellery

Sarah Pritchard Jewellery goes live. High fashion, handmade jewellery designed for the cat walk and those that want to be seen to be different.


Stephen Belt Antiques & Shipping

New website for Stephen Belt Antiques & Shipping goes live. Stephen Belt Antiques sells, ships and exports antiques world wide. As experienced exporters of antique furniture they have an abundance of knowledge in buying, shipping and exporting all type of antique furniture.


A. Harfield’s new website goes live. Their website describes their Lightning Protection Services and how Lightning Protection can protect UK business and property. Their website also details their Steeplejack services for building, maintaining and dismantling tall structures.